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2019 Navigator® for Medical Oncology, Hematology and Infusion




   Table of Contents     Sample Pages


This manual is a comprehensive guide to coding medical oncology, hematology, and infusion services. Each chapter discusses documentation requirements, coding guidelines, bundling rules, compliance issues, and coverage restrictions.


Topics covered by this Navigator include: chemotherapy coding guidelines, coding guidelines for diagnostic and therapeutic infusions and injections, coding for hydration infusion pumps, visit services in conjunction with infusions, bone marrow and stem cell services, vascular access procedures, transfusions, drug guidelines, medical necessity and time reporting guidelines for facility drug administration services.


    Choose your media option below. 

1. Available as a hard copy/printed version. 

2. eNav® digital download.

3. Combination of both print and digital.


This Navigator® includes a supplement access page designed to keep you up-to-date and provide useful information on changes and clarifications to codes, coding guidelines, billing requirements, and other key areas of concern throughout 2018. 


The Supplements will be available for download on the Coding Strategies® website.

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