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2019 The Domino Effect: Poor

Documention Practices Are Impacting

Radiation Oncology


CEU: ARRT applied for

Date: Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

Time: 1:00pm Eastern Time Zone


In light of recent CERT and OIG reviews focused on radiation oncology, the importance of accurate and compliant documentation is paramount.  Poor documentation practices can reflect poorly on providers and facilities and negatively impact reimbursement. This presentation will address recent payer reviews specific to radiation oncology procedures, and the financial ramifications of those reviews.  The presentation will provide recommendations for accurate and efficient documentation practices, as well as the importance of providing complete medical records in the event of a payer request.



Audience: RCI & CSI customers and general public with interest or work in radiation oncology.

  • Discuss the important of accurate and patient specific documentation
  • Understand the implications poor documentation practices have on reimbursement
  • Discuss recent payer reviews and error rates specific to common radiation oncology procedures
  • Demonstrate the impact of review findings on the radiation oncology specialty
  • Identify opportunities for process improvements related to documentation practices and payer requests

Please see the CEU Table for more details.

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