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2018 Radiology Spring Update and Hot Topics On-Demand


Initially aired Thursday, May 10th, 2018
Duration: 60 minutes

  Presented by: Melody Mulaik

Spring is the perfect time of year to clean out the closets and give everything a fresh once over.  Your organization also needs that once over to ensure that all the changes that should have happened for 2018 happened; ensure that you have a game plan in place for the changes that remain on the horizon, and ensure that your unique challenges are being addressed.

This one hour webinar provides the tools to accomplish those goals.  Melody summarizes the key changes for Radiology in 2018, their impact on operations and reimbursement, and shares her insight as to what is on the horizon. She will address the questions that you may have yet to ask regarding upcoming CDS/AUC consultation requirements.  


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