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2018 Navigator® for Diagnosis Coding with ICD-10-CM


This reference manual covers ICD-10-CM diagnosis code assignment from the A codes to the Z codes. The manual begins with fundamental principles like code format and conventions, then progresses through each of the ICD-10-CM chapters in turn. It provides clear, easy-to-follow explanations of ICD-10-CM guidelines, numerous real-life coding scenarios, and graphics to help convey key concepts. There are in-depth discussions of challenging diagnoses like sepsis, substance abuse, diabetes, and stroke. Each section of the manual contains exercises so you can test your comprehension, and the answer key provides clear explanations of the rationale for each question. If you purchase only one ICD-10-CM coding reference, this should be the one.


    Choose your media option below. 

1. Available as a hard copy/printed version. 

2. eNav® digital download.

3. Combination of both print and digital.

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