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Coding Strategies, Inc. webinars are a convenient, cost-effective way to stay current on the latest trends, delivering specialty-focused insights, tips, and strategies.

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The Legends of Submitting Unspecified Codes for Radiology Services On-Demand

Initially Aired Thursday, October 27, 2016 (1pm EST)

Duration: 60 minutes
Presented by: Melody Mulaik and Karna Morrow

There are more than a few ‘ghost stories’ being generated around the water cooler about the doom and gloom of CMS retiring their grace period on unspecified codes.  The night shadows are perfect for scaring practices into thinking that all claims will be denied with an unspecified code.  We must hunt down the providers and force them to document each and every last detail needed for all 7 characters of each diagnosis code.  Or we can turn on the lights and identify what this change really means.

Participants will:

  • Understand what CMS has updated and changed in terms of diagnosis code acceptance and what policies are currently status quo
  • Recognize the differences in the workflow of the various service areas like Emergency Department, Outpatient Clinics/Offices, and Inpatient and how this factors into unspecified code assignment
  • Apply the core principles of diagnosis coding to each of these areas in a practical, clinical perspective
  • Review the four key details that answer the radiologists and the referring physicians question -  “what do I need to document?”
  • Understand the impact of unspecified codes on quality measures, MACRA, and more!

USD $199.00
Radiology ICD-10-CM Coding Update On-Demand

Initially Aired Thursday, June 16, 2016 (1pm EST)

Duration: 60 minutes

Presented by: Melody Mulaik and Karna Morrow

Approved for 1 RCCB CEU

Because of a partial code freeze, diagnosis code updates have been on hold for the past 5 years, other than a handful of changes involving new technologies and diseases.  But regular ICD-10 updates will resume this fall, and you’d better brace yourself, because a torrent of changes is coming your way!  According to the ICD-10 Coordination and Maintenance Committee, nearly 2,000 new codes and over 300 revised codes will go into effect on October 1, 2016.  And revisions to the ICD-10-CM guidelines are also expected, particularly with regard to Excludes1 notes. 

This is a huge amount of information to digest, but fortunately the radiology coding experts at Coding Strategies are doing the heavy lifting for you.  In this fast-paced one-hour webinar, industry experts Melody Mulaik and Karna Morrow tell you exactly what you need to know in order to minimize diagnosis-related denials and proactively address any documentation concerns.  Remember, other vendors can talk in general terms about diagnosis coding, but Coding Strategies lives in your world and understands the unique issues that make radiology diagnosis coding so challenging!

USD $199.00
(2017) ICD-10-CM Oncology Update

Initially Aired Tuesday, September 13, 2016 (1pm EST)
Duration: 60 minutes
Presented by: Cindy Parman

When ICD-10-CM was implemented on October 1, 2015 the code set had remained frozen since its creation. Now, all that has changed! Effective October 1, 2016 there will be about 1900 new diagnosis codes, 313 deleted codes and 351 revised codes, many of which impact code assignment for medical and radiation oncology providers. According to CMS, this code update will include the “backlog of all proposals for changes to the code set proposed via the ICD-10 Coordination and Maintenance Committee process during the partial code freeze, and receiving public support.”

Whether you code for a hospital, freestanding cancer center or physician practice, ICD-10-CM is your key to future reimbursement. With ICD-10-CM a patient can be classified to report the condition receiving treatment, comorbidities affecting management options and complications of care that require additional time, effort and cost. Join us for this Listening Session to ensure that you have all the updates you need to protect your future reimbursement!

USD $199.00
Radiology ICD-10-CM Guidelines Update On-Demand

Initially aired on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 (1pm EDT)

Duration: 60 minutes
Presented by: Karna Morrow  and Jenny Studdard

The revisions to the ICD-10-CM guidelines were finally published in August and there are some very significant changes that will have a huge impact on coding. In addition to the expected changes to the "exludes 1" note, there are changes to the instructions regarding "with" or "due to", bilateral conditions and documentation from other clinicians. There are also entirely new categories addressing clinical criteria and newborns with suspected conditions not found. These are just a few of the many changes to the Official Guidelines this year. 

In this fast-paced one-hour webinar, industry experts Karna Morrow and Jenny Studdard will tell you exactly what you need to know in order to minimize diagnosis-related denials and proactively address any documentation concerns.


USD $199.00
(2017) Cardiology Coding Update On-Demand

Initially Aired Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Duration: 60 minutes
Presented by: Karna Morrow

2017 brings a host of changes to available codes for reporting cardiology services.  Over 20 codes have been added for cardiac contractility modulation and counterpulsation ventricular assist systems.  Additionally changes to reporting moderate sedation may provide new opportunities for reimbursement. This session is designed to provide an introduction to these new guidelines, new codes and other 2017 CPT
® changes that will affect cardiology.

  • Clarify the new classifications and guidelines for CCM and CVS
  • Explore new cardiology codes for reporting closure of paravalvular leaks and echocardiography exams
  • Review the tips and traps for common procedures performed within the Cardiology practice

Identify the key changes within the extensive guideline revisions for cardiology services.   Additionally, the speaker reviews common tips/traps for many of the common procedure combinations reported in Cardiology.


USD $199.00
(2017) Radiology Coding and Compliance Update On-Demand

Initially Aired Thursday, December 15, 2016

Duration: 60 minutes

Presented by: Melody Mulaik

Huge changes to radiology coding in 2017. Learn about the new codes and how the final rules will impact you!

In this informative session, Coding Strategies’ Melody Mulaik discusses and examines key areas of concern for both diagnostic and interventional radiology services. 2017 will bring significant changes to both diagnostic and interventional radiology procedure coding. All 2017 new and revised codes, including the completely revised dialysis circuit codes, PTA, mechanochemical vein ablation, epidural injections and epidural catheter placement, mammography,  ultrasound screening for AAA,  and moderate sedation are discussed.

Key items from the Final Rules will be reviewed including Medicare payment reductions for film x-rays & CR/DR, updates on Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC)/Clinical Decision Support (CDS) timeframes,  site neutral payment and updates on Medicare billing and payment guidelines for global surgery.

The session also addresses reimbursement updates for both physicians and hospitals.  Throughout the session, specific reimbursement issues such as coverage limitations, payor claims edits, etc., will be noted. Melody shares examples used to illustrate key learning points. This session is appropriate for professionals involved in coding and charge capture for either physician or hospital outpatient services.

Approved for 1 RCCB CEU


USD $199.00
Avoiding Supervision Pitfalls: How to Keep Your Organization Out of the Headlines

Thursday, June 8, 2017
Duration: 60 minutes
Presented by: Melody Mulaik & Karna Morrow

Over the past 5 years, physician supervision of radiology services has been an issue in numerous Federal investigations.  Some organizations have agreed to multi-million dollar settlements due to their failure to provide proper supervision.  In this webinar, industry experts Melody Mulaik and Karna Morrow will help you identify the supervision-related risk areas in your organization so that you can avoid investigations and penalties. 

You’ll learn the following, and more:

  • What types of supervision Medicare recognizes
  •  How supervision requirements vary depending on the setting
  •  How to determine what level of supervision a particular procedure requires
  •  Who can provide physician supervision
  •  What requirements apply to services performed by radiology practitioner assistants (RPAs) and other midlevel professionals
  •  What supervision requirements apply to radiology residents
  •  Which specific aspects of supervision have been at issue in recent settlements
  •  How to “audit-proof” your documentation of physician supervision

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the information you need to protect your organization!

USD $249.00
Embolization Ins and Outs On-Demand

Initially Aired Thursday, May 4th, 2017
Duration: 60 minutes
Presented by: Melody Mulaik & Karna Morrow

There are only half a dozen embolization codes but many different types of embolization procedures, ranging from treatment of acute hemorrhage to closure of tiny brain aneurysms to presurgical shrinkage of tumors.  Radiology coding experts Melody Mulaik and Karna Morrow will help you make sense of all the variations and avoid under- and over-coding.

You’ll learn the following, and more:

  • Which embolization code to use for which type of case
  •  What’s included and what’s separately reportable
  •  When to report multiple embolizations in the same encounter
  •  How to report stent-assisted embolization
  •  Special guidelines for chemoembolization and radioembolization
  •  How to report embolization by direct puncture
  •  Distinguishing between embolization and treatment of incompetent veins

As a bonus, you’ll get examples of correct coding for various types of cases to help make sure you’re reporting correctly.  Don’t miss this very practical and information-packed session!

USD $199.00
Navigating Coding and Compliance: Infusions and Injections On-Demand

Initially Aired Thursday, May 25th, 2017
Duration: 60 minutes
Presented by: Karna Morrow

Time based services, specific procedure-to-procedure relationships, and an active list serve can each add risk to your charge capture processes.  It is important to attend this session and confirm that you are capturing services appropriately - even prolonged infusions and on-body injector services.  When it is about the why something was done (medical necessity) more than what was done, documentation can even challenge veteran staff.   This session will provide examples to move policy into practice and identify ways to stretch your internal QA resources.

By the end of this webinar participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key data elements necessary for supporting the assigned procedure codes;
  • Recognize the areas in which clinical and non-clinical staff can collaborate for efficient charge capture
  • Verify the diagnosis codes communicate the medical necessity for the services reported.

USD $199.00
Ensure Correct Radiation Oncology Coding in 2017 On-Demand

Initially Aired Thursday, January 12, 2017
Duration: 60 minutes
Presented by: Cindy Parman

Every New Year brings new procedure codes, updated code descriptors, and changes in regulations that affect coding and billing for radiation oncology. Calendar year 2017 is no different, with significant updates to code descriptors, deleted codes and new codes for radiation oncology services.

These updates, like the 2016 changes, will significantly impact billing for all cancer centers.

In addition, there are an increased number of services that are included in a primary procedure and not separately charged! Reimbursement for radiation oncology in 2017 will also be impacted by changes in Medicare regulations and payment methodologies.

Lastly, procedure codes cannot be reported without correct and complete medical record documentation. In an age of threatened reimbursement, it is essential that all services be completely documented, charges captured and billed and verification performed to ensure that all procedures are correctly reimbursed. This fast-paced session will bring you up to date on radiation oncology coding!

USD $199.00
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