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2021 eNav® for Oncology Diagnosis Coding with ICD-10-CM

This manual is a must-have for coding professionals working in a medical or radiation oncology practice, cancer center, or hospital outpatient setting. The eNav® first walks you through the basics of ICD-10-CM, including code format, conventions, and coding guidelines, and then addresses code selection for oncology-specific conditions and services, including neoplasms, complications of cancer, and complications of care. The final section of the book covers code assignment for non-oncologic conditions that may occur in cancer patients, such as diabetes, COPD, etc. Each section explains coding guidelines and documentation requirements and contains numerous examples with rationale. At the end of each section is a set of exercises that will help you make certain you’ve understood the key learning points. With this manual at your fingertips, assignment of accurate ICD-10 codes will be easier than you ever thought possible.



Digital provides the same content as the printed version, in a convenient mobile format.  Ideal for those who travel, or those who simply prefer electronic resources.  Internet access is required to view content.

   No installation required

  • No downloads, plug-ins, or applications to install
  • No licenses for users to register
  • No firewall issues 
  • Truly portable solution - can be used on any device, on any Operating System, anywhere
  • Coding guidelines for solid tumors, neuroendocrine tumors, lymphoma, and leukemia
  • Guidelines for cancer-related services such as encounters for radiation or chemotherapy, follow-up visits, genetic counseling, etc.
  • Guidelines for complications of cancer such as cancer pain, cord compression, dehydration, etc.
  • Guidelines for complications of radiation and chemotherapy, such as anemia, neutropenia, tumor lysis syndrome, etc.
  • Guidelines for common non-neoplastic conditions such as tobacco and alcohol dependence, diabetes, hypertension, etc.
  • And much more—see the Table of Contents for a complete topic listing
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